2017 Cannabis Common Sense Tour

The first leg of the 2017 Cannabis Common Sense Tour is kicking off the second week in May! Once again the Mad Dabber and LD will be on the road with the #CCST spreading education and awareness about Cannabis and Hemp while raising money for the P.O.W.’s of this failed drug war. The CCST is proud to say that we’ve been joined by our tour manager Pete Marrero from PVM Entertainment along with a bunch of new sponsors including Weed World Candies and our newest sponsor WuGoo just to name a couple.

The Cannabis Common Sense Tour has proudly teamed up with The Social Garden, a federally recognized 501 (c) 3, giving the #CCST our non-profit status to further help our cause of bringing an end to these dark times of prohibition. With over half the country having some form of Medical Cannabis and with the number of recreational states growing, the time has come for real change to take place. Cannabis can save lives, Hemp can save the planet… America, it’s time for some Cannabis Common Sense!

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