The 2017 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup

The 2017 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup was a very special Cup for the state of California. It was the first High Times Cannabis Cup held in the state since the voters legalized the adult use of recreational cannabis and they did not  disappoint. Live performances throughout the 3 day event included great performances by Lit, Method Man and RedMan, Damian “Jr Going” Marley, 50 Cent, and an Epic performance by the Wu-Tang Clan. Hundreds of vendors came out to showcase the newest and best products they had to offer as the crowd flowed throughout the National Orange Show Convention Center in San Bernardino, California. By the looks of the crowd it seems the High Times Cannabis Cup has taken another step towards the mainstream even having UFC fighter Nick Diaz announce some of the Awards. Cannabis is becoming more acceptable and events like the Cannabis Cup are shining a light on that.

I had the honor of being a judge for this historic event and was one of the few selected to judge the edible competition. We were given a week to judge 40 amazing entries and help find the 2017 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup Edible Champion. More goes into judging than people would imagine, and it’s a task not to be taken lightly. I woke up and started judging by 7:30am everyday and most days I didn’t get to sleep until close to 2am. I was judging edibles so there were a couple of naps throughout the week but I finished the unthinkable for the average stoner and was able to judge all 40 samples, even taking time to go back and revisit some of the top entries to make sure I was happy with the placement.

Sunday was the Awards Ceremony and when It was all said and done the Coco Honey Almonds won the competition with 1:1 CBD pills taking 2nd and Almond Milk taking 3rd, proving that edibles can be much more than your regular old brownie or cookies…they can even be healthy!

One of the big highlights of the week for me was getting to watch my good friend, Creator of TGA Genetics and the Weed Nerd himself, Subcool get presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award and see how happy he was as he tossed out thousands of his new Jazz Queen seeds into the crowd. This man is a true inspiration and leader in the industry and has given out millions of seeds to patients across the world.

I look forward to being at the next Cannabis Cup and seeing the best of what NoCal has to offer this summer.

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